About CIRCADIAN ZircLight?

CIRCADIAN ZircLight is leading evidence-based circadian lighting company in the world. Founded by a former Harvard Medical School professor who discovered the biological clock in the human brain, CIRCADIAN ZircLight was created to solve a problem: what lights should we be using to prevent circadian disruption and optimize human performance and health? Some key highlights from CIRCADIAN ZircLight’s journey to create the optimal light:

  • Awarded an NIH grant to identify the how light impacts circadian rhythms, health and performance in real-world conditions;
  • Published peer-reviewed circadian lighting research in the Journal of Biological Rhythms identifying the precise wavelengths of light that entrain and disrupt our circadian rhythms;
  • Developed and patented the first spectrally engineered Night LED (NightSafe™ LED) that is UL Verified to emit less than 2% blue light at night to prevent circadian disruption;
  • Spectrally engineered the optimal Day LED (DaySync™) to optimize human well-being and performance and entrain our circadian rhythms by peaking at 475nm
  • Conducted case studies at Fortune 500 clients in real-world operating conditions
  • To date our lights have been installed in some of the largest companies in the world with resounding success!
Executive Summary 

Electric light enabled us to conquer the night, but it has come at a significant cost to human health. Over the past 20 years, excess blue-rich light exposure at night, and too little light during the day, has been linked to dozens of serious health disorders caused by circadian rhythm disruption, including sleep disorders, depression, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and several hormone sensitive cancers including breast and prostate cancer.

By Martin Moore-Ede, M.D., Ph.D. 

Electric light enabled us to conquer the night, but it has come at a significant cost to human health. Over the past 20 years, light exposure at night, and too

As cities and countries initiate shelter in place orders to flatten the coronavirus curve, and people are forbidden to walk in public parks or open spaces, we are forgetting the second key intervention that can reduce your coronavirus risk: 
We are a finalist at the Sapphire Awards in the Lighting for Health and Well bing technology. for our CIRCADIAN  Zirc™ Day-Night Mid-Power LED Set. 

The human-centric lighting specialist has parted ways with Plessey to find a more efficient violet chip.

Human-centric lighting specialist Circadian Light has improved the efficiency and output of its biologically-geared LED light engine, and has licensed the new hardware to Acuity Brands in the first of what Circadian hopes is other similar deals.

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