BMW uses Osram blue light to stimulate drivers in 24-hour motor race

Blue light help auto racers stay focused and alert.

May 2017

On May 27 and 28th BMW Motorsport used the biologically active blue light from Osram during the 24-hour race on the Nürburgring in Germany. Osram, a new official partner of BMW Motorsport, supplied stimulating light for drivers and engineers both before and during the race.

The blue light reaches the eyes of the drivers from unique LED light glasses and luminaires. Osram created the customized LED lights to enhance driver alertness and boost their concentration.

 “We are delighted that BMW Motorsport has opted to use our innovative lighting solutions. High-level competitive sport demands optimum performances, and this is where our lighting expertise can help the racing team,” says Stefan Kampmann, CTO at Osram.

The competition at the Nürburgring 24 Hours is possibly more intense this year than ever before in the history of this iconic race. That makes the details all the more important,” said BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt. “As such, I am really happy that have Osram on board as Official Partner. With its innovative solutions and experience in the field of light, the company will make a valuable contribution to allowing our drivers to adapt to the unique challenges of the Nordschleife at night during the race.”

The German Ski Association (DSV) has already adopted Osram’s biologically effective lighting solutions for its top athletes. Now, BMW Motorsport has followed suit. According to Osram, the company created this range of solutions to help energize the drivers and engineers exactly when necessary during the grueling 24-hour race and improve their focus.

Osram says that the blue LEDs stimulate the central nervous systems of drivers to prepare them for competition. Also, common rooms and the pit wall control center got special luminaires with bluish-white light for both drivers and engineers. Such light has been shown to help heighten and maintain concentration levels. The light is intended to help the engineers and drivers remain alert even during the night session. 

This article was originally published in LEDS Magazine.


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