One Year Control Room Study Before and After Circadian Light Installation

Exposure to blue light at night is known to cause circadian disruption and suppress melatonin resulting in increased health risks. In order to prevent these risks, CIRCADIAN Lights featuring Zirc™ NightSafe™ LEDs and DynamicBlu™ Spectrum Control are being installed in 24/7 control centers across the US.

CIRCADIAN Lights are spectrally engineered to provide blue-rich white light during the day, and automatically transition to blue-depleted white light at night (UL verified <2% blue content at night)

Controlled studies showed CIRCADIAN Lights reversed the harmful effects of conventional blue-rich LED light at night, including:
• Circadian disruption, suppressed melatonin and impaired performance
• Elevated markers of obesity and diabetic risk (including increased appetite, insulin resistance at night)

In a recent study, employee health & performance assessments were conducted before installation and one year after installation. Circadian lights improved health and performance of 24/7 shiftworkers. Download results >>

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DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY: See How CIRCADIAN Lights Improved the Health and Performance of the Control Room Operators.

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