CIRCADIAN Light® with Enlighted Sensors & Controls and CIRCADIAN Workforce Analytics

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CIRCADIAN Light® with Enlighted Sensors & Controls and CIRCADIAN Workforce Analytics

CIRCADIAN Light fixtures equipped with Enlighted Micro Sensor fifth generation sensor, can collect data on employee location, work shift duration to enable time and attendance, work-rest rule compliance and fatigue risk management all in one seamless system.

CIRCADIAN Workforce Fatigue Management System is a robust and verified data analytics system for over half the Fortune 500 companies that predicts and manages in real-time employee productivity, reduces accident and injury risk up to 75% and provides time and attendance data. The system is documented with over 100,000 employees, with significant reduction in insurance and other costs with a marked increase in productivity and profitability.

CIRCADIAN Workforce Analytics Features:

• Decreased absenteeism

• Lower Worker turnover

• Increase morale and labor relations

• Decrease costs for worker medical care and Worker’s Compensation Risk of worker injury or death, environmental damage, and loss of assets due to accidents 

Fully Integrated Fatigue Risk Management System:

 The combination of CIRCADIAN Lights and Enlighted sensors provide a fully integrated Risk Management System to detect employee impairment, intervene in real-time to boost employee alertness, safety and productivity.

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Learn more about a Fully Integrated Fatigue Risk Management System.


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