2019 Paramedic Chiefs of Canada (PCC) Summit

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Concurrent Session: How to Create an Effective Fatigue Risk Management Program for your Emergency Service

This presentation is designed to provide the audience with a high-level overview of current Fatigue Risk Management research and trends related to emergency service shiftwork. 

We will discuss how the leaders of emergency services can be proactive by mitigating fatigue issues, techniques to reduce stress that leads to PTSD while using Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) techniques and tools to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of shiftwork.


Shiftworkers exhibit higher rates of certain health issues and are more than twice as likely to be absent from work than daytime only employees. Managing a shiftwork lifestyle can be challenging and lead to health issues as well as family and social stresses. The presenters will discuss the physiological stress of working 24/7 shifts and how that can affect the shiftworker and emergency service organizations. The presenters will provide a high-level overview of Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) techniques and tools which will improve conditions for round the clock service providers while maximizing their performance and work/life balance.

Key Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the differences and implications of how the body functions at night versus how it functions during the day and learn what the audience can do to mitigate the added stress of shiftwork which can assist in limiting PTSD

2. Determine and develop optimal staffing and shift schedules that not only meet business requirements but reduce fatigue and improve staff performance

3. Learn how to implement effective Fatigue Risk Management Systems that can result in dramatic reductions of fatigue and human error while improving operating efficiency. 

Session Speaker: Bill Davis, VP Operations: Circadian

Bill Davis is Vice President of Operations for CIRCADIAN®. He is responsible for management oversight on all Boston based global consulting projects, including fatigue management, scheduling optimization, and other employee health, safety and productivity initiatives.

Bill and his operations team have successfully completed many complex shiftwork related assignments for a wide spectrum of industries in the USA, UK, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, Russia, Indonesia, Canada and throughout the Caribbean. In addition to his personal involvement in hundreds of shiftwork-related projects, Bill has extensive experience with fatigue management programs and human error reduction initiatives. These projects have been as diverse as evaluating the effects of high altitude mining (5000+ meters in the high Andes) on the health, safety and performance of heavy equipment operators, to analyzing the physiological and sociological effects of working 24-hour shifts in a large, metropolitan emergency medical response force.

Prior to his tenure at CIRCADIAN®, Bill spent 10 years with International Paper as a Corporate Safety Manager and as a Plant Manager. He also spent nearly a decade with Jones and Laughlin/LTV Steel, starting as a steel mill shiftworker and working his way up the safety management ranks. This real-world industrial background provides Bill with a natural rapport with managers and employees at all organizational levels.

Session Speaker: Garrie Wright, Emergency Service Consultant: Circadian

Garrie Wright is the Emergency Service Consultant for Circadian and has had personal involvement in several shiftwork-related projects, Garrie also has experience with fatigue management programs and human error reduction initiatives.

Garrie Wright was a Deputy Chief for the largest municipal paramedic ambulance service in Canada. The service is the sole provider of emergency medical response for Toronto, responding to over 250,000 emergency calls annually: with a daytime population of 3.5 million people. Garrie had a distinguished career as a paramedic, supervisor, manager and Deputy Chief spanning more than 36 years – he retired on March 31, 2017.

Garrie led a project team that implemented a new work schedule for Toronto Paramedic Services. Garrie successfully navigated the project through several major issues in order to replace a 35-year-old schedule. By matching staffing with emergency call demand, the service was able to offer a variety of schedules to the staff and significantly improved response times and reduced their overtime budget.

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