Northeast Petrochemical Conference & Exhibition 2019 | June 20-21, 2019

Find CIRCADIAN Light at Booth 124 at the Northeast Petrochemical Conference & Exhibition 2019 Pittsburgh, PA.

Important Information
What | Find CIRCADIAN Light at Booth 124
When | June 20 – 21, 2019
Where | Pittsburgh, PA.

Learn more on the conference website. 

CIRCADIAN Light will be attending the Northeast Petrochemical Conference & Exhibition, the largest booming petrochemical industry event. The conference provides an opportunity for industry representatives to learn, and get strategic insight and business development opportunities.

CIRCADIAN Light is a member of the worldwide CIRCADIAN® group of companies, bringing health, productivity and safety solutions to the 24/7 business workplaces around the globe. Born out of breakthrough research on human circadian clocks at Harvard Medical School, CIRCADIAN has led in the transition of medical science breakthroughs into the 24/7 workplace. We are unique in deeply understanding both the science, and the practical realities of 24/7 work.

For over 30 years, CIRCADIAN® has been the leading global provider of health, safety and productivity solutions to the 24/7 operations of over half the Fortune 500 and many other international companies. Our science-based solutions boost productivity, reduce errors and injuries, decrease absenteeism and employee turnover, and reduce health care costs.

Headquartered on Route 128, Boston's Technology Corridor, CIRCADIAN serves the 24/7 world, operating out of offices in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Our mission is to make workplaces healthy, safe and productive for the 90 million people in critical jobs who work night and day shifts to give us our seamless 24-hour society.

Learn about the New API RP-755 Lighting Requirement, critically important for 24/7 industries.

Can your Work Environment Lighting meet the New API RP-755 Lighting Requirement?
  • Has More than 15% blue rich white light during the day to promote alertness.
  • Displays UL Verified Mark to indicate less than 2% blue at night to minimize circadian disruption.
  • Automatically cycle from blue rich in the day to blue depleted at night.
  • Maintains high quality white light over 24-hour cycles to keep areas well-lit.
Beware of faulty substitutes that just dim the lights --- Color-Tuning lights Don’t Qualify.

Have questions on lighting for 24/7 operations? contact us.

About the Northeast Petrochemical Conference & Exhibition Northeast Petrochemical Conference & Exhibition

The Leading Conference & Exhibition For The US Northeast Petrochemical Industry
David L. Lawrence Convention Center - Pittsburgh, PA
June 20-21, 2019

The Northeast US Petrochemical Conference & Exhibition is positioned at the forefront of the booming petrochemical industry and the centre of Northeast Petrochemical development - where major players meet to share insight and business - promising to be the biggest meeting of the Northeast Petrochemical Industry professionals to date!

NEP19 has fast become a next generation energy event, hosting 1000+ world class experts, industry leading CEO's and innovation service providers as they discuss the biggest challenges and developments in the NE region.

The 2019 event will be bigger than ever before, seeing more global business leader dialogue sessions and strategic panel sessions, alongside in-depth workshops and innovative tradeshow content in our new brand new, double-the-size exhibition space.

Learn More on the conference website
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