About CIRCADIAN ZircLight?

CIRCADIAN ZircLight is leading evidence-based circadian lighting company in the world. Founded by a former Harvard Medical School professor who discovered the biological clock in the human brain, CIRCADIAN ZircLight was created to solve a problem: what lights should we be using to prevent circadian disruption and optimize human performance and health? Some key highlights from CIRCADIAN ZircLight’s journey to create the optimal light:

  • Awarded an NIH grant to identify the how light impacts circadian rhythms, health and performance in real-world conditions;
  • Published peer-reviewed circadian lighting research in the Journal of Biological Rhythms identifying the precise wavelengths of light that entrain and disrupt our circadian rhythms;
  • Developed and patented the first spectrally engineered Night LED (NightSafe™ LED) that is UL Verified to emit less than 2% blue light at night to prevent circadian disruption;
  • Spectrally engineered the optimal Day LED (DaySync™) to optimize human well-being and performance and entrain our circadian rhythms by peaking at 475nm
  • Conducted case studies at Fortune 500 clients in real-world operating conditions
  • To date our lights have been installed in some of the largest companies in the world with resounding success!


The CIRCADIAN ZircLight Technology

What do CIRCADIAN ZircLight fixtures do?

CIRCADIAN ZircLight LEDs and fixtures are optimized for human health and performance by automatically providing light that synchronizes and entrains our circadian rhythms. Unlike traditional LEDs or tunable white fixtures, ZircLight fixtures precisely control the band of circadian blue light (438-493nm) that our biological clock is most sensitive to by time of day, season and location. With CIRCADIAN ZircLight fixtures we ensure you are getting the optimal light at the optimal time for your circadian health and performance.

What’s wrong with standard LEDs? The 1st Generation of LEDs were optimized for energy efficiency… but not for humans. This has had unintended health & performance consequences: sleep disorders, fatigue, obesity and other issues related to circadian disruption & improper blue-light exposure.

What is special about the LEDs used in CIRCADIAN ZircLight fixtures?

CIRCADIAN ZircLight fixtures feature patented, spectrally-engineered LEDs designed specifically for human health and performance:

  •  Zirc NightSafe™ LED is the only LED in the world to be UL Verified LED to emit less than 2% blue light at night to protect against circadian disruption. Plus, the NightSafe™ LED does not sacrifice energy efficiency or color rendering (CRI >80, CCT = 3200K) – providing lighting designers with the perfect circadian light for evening and nighttime applications. 

  • Zirc DaySync™ LED provides more than 20% blue light during the day to entrain circadian rhythms and boost energy and performance. The beautiful
    white light (4200K) provide lighting specifiers with an LED perfect for WELL compliant Circadian Lighting Design

What does DynamicBlue Spectrum Control mean? Our fixtures are engineered to automatically provide the right spectrum of circadian blue light for circadian health whenever they are turned on. During the day, the light will be powered by our DaySync™ LED, which is rich in blue light to entrain your circadian rhythms and boost energy. And at night, the light is powered by our NightSafe™ LED that emits less than 2% blue light to prevent circadian disruption.

How do the control systems work? We program our lights at the factory to the installation location using astronomical clock technology. By knowing the local sunrise and sunset every day of the year at the installation location, the fixture will automatically ensure you are getting the optimal light at the optimal at the optimal time.

Any programming needed by the installer or end-user? No, the lights are pre-programmed at the factory. All the electrician needs to do is connect the fixture to a power source and you are good to go.
Can the lights be connected to a dimmer? Yes, the fixtures can be used with a 0-10V dimmer.

How does the fixture keep track of time when they are not plugged in? Each fixture has a 10 year battery powering the astronomical clock and the Autonomous Control Board to ensure the light is always set to the correct time – whether sitting in the a warehouse ready for delivery or when the lights are turned off. When the lights are turned, the fixture draws power from the local power source to even further expand the 10-year battery life.


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