Suspended 1X4 LED Pendant design offers healthy, white light without the harmful blue light.

  • Product optimized using human subject testing in 24/7 simulation of 12 hour day and night shifts in our a medical research facility.
  • Provides bright white light 24/7 with the precise wavelength spectrum day and night to optimize health and performance.
  • Intelligent control boards pre-programmed for the life of the fixture providing the correct blue light regulation for the location (latitude and longitude), season and leap years for optimized circadian effectiveness.
  • Offers energy efficiency while reducing the harmful blue-rich light at night emitted by conventional LEDs that has been shown to increase risk of obesity, diabetes, cancer and depression.
  • Light spectrum optimized to increase energy, productivity, mood, reduce fatigue and errors.
  • Lumens output maintained over each 24 hours and meeting specific industry work space illumination standards.
  • Continuous bright white light with an imperceptible Day to Night Mode transition.
  • Offers a more effective solution that maximizes health, productivity, and safety, as opposed to traditional color tuning solutions that rely on yellowing and dimming the light.
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