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  • Lumens:

    • Nominal lumens: Night = 1600, Night/Day = 765 each
    • Luminaire efficacy: Night = 87 lm/W, Night/Day = 94

  • Housing/Reflector:

    Die-cast aluminum trim housing with forged aluminum heat sink. Galvanized steel splice compartment with driver mounting plate/enclosure. Swing-out mounting arms adjust for ceiling thickness from 1/2” - 1-7/16”″(see options for additional ceiling thicknesses).


    Low-iridescent anodized aluminum. Clear semi-specular finish standard.

  • Finish:

    • Highly reflective non-glare matte white polyester powder coat bonded to phosphate-free, multi-stage pretreated metal. All parts painted after fabrication to facilitate installation, increase efficiency, and inhibit corrosion.

  • Electric:

    CCT & CRI

    • Night = 3200K CCT
    • Night/Day = 3200-4000K CCT
    • CRI 82

    Nominal wattage: Night = 18, Night/Day = 8.5

  • Mounting:

    Recessed. 20 ga. galvanized steel enclosure. Remodel kit option includes receiver bracket hardware. Minimum 24” O.C. marked spacing required for L60 - L80 lumen packages.

  • Warranty:

    Limited 5-Year Warranty.

  • Options:

    • SCA Sloped ceiling adapter
    • CP Chicago plenum (CCEA)
    • ATH Airtight construction
    • SDT Stepdown transformer
    • F Fuse
    • TC Adjustable mounting arms for 1-1/2” – 2-1/4”″thick ceilings
    • EM/10W 10-watt emergency battery


  • Circadian Zirc™ LEDs deliver evidence-based energy efficient circadian lighting solutions. Our spectrally
    engineered NightSafe™ LEDs are the only UL Verified LEDs that emit less than 2% blue content at night
    and our DaySync™ LEDs deliver over 20% blue rich content during the day to synchronize and
    strengthen circadian rhythms.
  • Less than 1/5th of the blue content during evening and night of color tuning lights, even when they are
    tuned to 2700K.
  • Intelligent DynamicBlu™ Spectrum Control System utilizes a pre-programmed astronomical clock for the
    life of the fixture to optimize the light spectrum over 24-hour cycle, automatically adjusts for longitude
    and latitude.
  • Complementary Workforce Light Education Training to optimize the health, safety, and performance
    of your workforce.

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  • CIRCADIAN ZircLight Workforce Training Program

    Our program for shiftworkers and others who have to work 24/7 schedules or extended hours is world-renowned for providing critical information on managing light day and night to improve health and well-being in the form of practical, ready-to-use advice and real world examples. This on-site training program will provide you and your employees with information on:

    • The impact of blue light on sleep and health
    • Managing light at home and work to get better sleep
    • Tips to reduce fatigue and increase alertness
    • Improving health and wellness
    • Nutrition
    • How to enhance your Family/Social life
    • And more...
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