Caroline Irving

Caroline Irving

The good and bad about artificial light. 

A substantial body of medical evidence has been growing over

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Company Overview

Circadian Light Company Overview here.

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About CIRCADIAN ZircLight 

Circadian ZircLight is the leader in evidence-based circadian lighting. Our LED lights strengthen circadian rhythms, protect human health and boost performance, without compromising light quality or energy efficiency.

Our mission is to address a fatal flaw in the $80 billion a year LED lighting industry. The current LEDs in use today were designed and optimized for energy efficiency, but unfortunately not for human health and well-being. The blue pump used so efficiently to convert electricity into light that is the basis of conventional LEDs has been shown to have highly disruptive effects on our circadian rhythms, causing increased risks of obesity and diabetes and a 60% increase of breast cancer and prostate cancer, as well as many other medical conditions. This problem is so severe it has been recognized as a major public health hazard by the American Medical Association, National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization.

Circadian ZircLight manufactures and sells proprietary Zirc® LEDs, light engines, controls and light fixtures and bulbs, protected by a global IP portfolio, which have been demonstrated in workplace and scientific research trials to protect human health, and reduce human error. Our team led by former Harvard Medical School professor, Dr Martin Moore-Ede, a leading world expert on circadian disruption by light, has defined and patented the precise light spectrum that need to be controlled across day and night to ensure optimal human health and well-being. Working with partners such as Acuity Brands and H E Williams in North America, and other leading lighting companies throughout the world, we are building worldwide recognition of our Zirc™ brand as the evidenced-based solution for circadian lighting.

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Enhanced Nightshift Performance

Nuclear power plant control room operators working under the blue-depleted light showed improved performance and mood on the night shifts.

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Something about safety.

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