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Our program for shiftworkers and others who have to work 24/7 schedules or extended hours is world-renowned for providing critical information on managing light day and night to improve health and well-being in the form of practical, ready-to-use advice and real world examples. This on-site training program will provide you and your employees with information on:

  • The impact of blue light on sleep and health
  • Managing light at home and work to get better sleep
  • Tips to reduce fatigue and increase alertness
  • Improving health and wellness
  • Nutrition
  • How to enhance your Family/Social life
  • And more...

The additional benefit of this training is that the take-aways are not only applicable to work, but also to your employees’ home life as well. This program are just one of the many advantages of installing the CIRCADIAN intelligent light solution.

Our professionals can also be onsite to support you during the first few days of installation as well as provide ongoing support services whenever you need us. CIRCADIAN’s legacy is to help companies like yours constantly improve employee performance in a way that directly impacts your bottom line.

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